Variable Question text Label
sec4_q1aI feel pleasantPLEASANT
sec4_q1bI feel nervous and restlessNERVOUS
sec4_q1cI feel satisfied with myselfSATISFIED
sec4_q1dI wish I could be as happy as others seem to beHAPPY AS OTHERS
sec4_q1eI feel like a failureFAILURE
sec4_q1fI feel restedRESTED
sec4_q1gI feel "calm, cool, and collected"CALM/COOL/COLLECTED
sec4_q1hI feel that difficulties are piling up so that I cannot overcome themDIFFICULTIES PILING UP
sec4_q1iI worry too much over something that doesn't really matterWORRY TOO MUCH
sec4_q1jI am happyHAPPY
sec4_q1kI have disturbing thoughtsDISTURBING THOUGHTS
sec4_q1lI lack self-confidenceLACK SELF-CONFIDENCE
sec4_q1mI feel secureSECURE
sec4_q1nI make decisions easilyMAKE DECISIONS EASILY
sec4_q1oI feel inadequateINADEQUATE
sec4_q1pI am contentCONTENT
sec4_q1qSome unimportant thought runs through my mind and bothers meUNIMPORTANT THOUGHT
sec4_q1rI take disappointments so keenly that I can't put them out of my mindTAKE DISAPPOINTMENTS KEENLY
sec4_q1sI am a steady personSTEADY PERSON
sec4_q1tI get in a state of tension or turmoil as I think over my recent concerns and interestsSTATE OF TENSION