Variable Question text Label
sec1_q1I find monitoring my bank or credit card accounts very boringBANK/CRED CARD MONITORING
sec1_q2I prefer not to think about about the state of my personal financesDON'T THINK ABOUT FINANCES
sec1_q3Thinking about my personal finances can make me feel guiltyGUILTY ABOUT FINANCES
sec1_q4There's little point in saving money and being careful with it, because you could lose it all through no fault of your ownLITTLE POINT IN SAVING MONEY
sec1_q5Thinking about my personal finances can make me feel anxiousANXIOUS ABOUT FINANCES
sec1_q6Discussing my finances can make my heart race or make me feel stressedSTRESSED ABOUT FINANCES
sec1_q7I do not make a big enough effort to understand my financesEFFORT TO UNDERSTAND FINANCES
sec1_q8I do not think I am doing as well as I could in my job because I worry about moneyJOB SUCCESS-WORRY ABOUT MONEY
sec1_q9I find opening my bank statements unpleasantOPENING BANK STATEMENT UNPLEASANT
sec1_q10I would rather someone else who I trusted keep my finances organizedPREFER SOMEONE ELSE ORGANIZE FINANCES