General information

Question text: Still thinking about your^FLMain job, does your employer offer you any of the following benefits (even if you do not personally use the benefit)? Please select all that apply.
Answer type: Check boxes
Answer options: 1 Paid sick leave
2 Paid vacation/personal leave
3 Paid parental leave
4 Student loan repayment
5 Health insurance
6 Disability insurance
7 Life insurance
8 Retirement plans (such as a 401k, 403(b), or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
9 Childcare
10 Ability to work from home
11 Pension or cash balance plan
12 Other, please specify: ~q123_other
13 Don't know
14 None of these
Label: benefits employer offers
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: One-time warning
Multiple instances: No

Data information

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