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We are inviting you to participate in a study to get your perspective on receiving credit score information. If you agree to participate, you will be directed to the Credit Scorecard service website, where, after providing some personal details, you will have access to your credit score and information about it. During six months, we will ask you every month to check your credit score, and we will ask a few brief questions about your finances and your financial health. Participation in this study will give you free credit score information for six months.  On top of that, you will be paid $3 for answering each of these surveys. As always, you can decide not to answer any of the questions or surveys.

Please note that the Credit Scorecard service website is provided by Discover as a third party. There's no cost and participating will not affect your credit score. You don't have to be a customer of Discover to use this service, and Discover will never sell your information. You will receive a monthly email reminder from Discover when a new credit score is available. You can opt out of receiving such email reminders at any time if you wish.

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