UAS 348


Coronavirus tracking survey long form, Wave 29

Section Description
Base Base questions
Demographics Demographics
corona Coronavirus
schoolold Children & School questions
preload Preloads
behavior Expectations and Avoidance Behaviors
abuse Mental Health and Substance Use
economic Economic Insecurity
labor Labor Market Outcomes
insurance Insurance
food Food Insecurity
entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
background Background
highered Higher Education
school Children & School questions
civic Civic engagement
financial Financial Situation
social Social Security
payments Payments
childcare Childcare
highered_264 Higher Education
school_264 Children And School Questions
vaccines Vaccines
ucla_background Demographics and Composition
ucla_comorbid Comorbid Conditions
ucla_testing Testing
ucla_vaccine Covid-19 Vaccine
ucla_flu Flu Vaccine
ucla_vac_block1 UCLA Vaccine Block 1
ucla_vac_block2 UCLA Vaccine Block 2
ucla_vac_block3 UCLA Vaccine Block 3
ucla_flu_block1 UCLA Flu Block 1
ucla_flu_block2 UCLA Flu Block 2
ucla_flu_block3 UCLA Flu Block 3
school_core School core
depression Depression
fraud Fraud
masculinity Masculinity/Femininity
doctor Doctor
definitions Definitions
benefits Government benefits
vaccinedistribution Vaccine Distribution
pediatric Pediatric Vaccine
retrospective Retrospective Wellbeing
distancing Social Distancing
school_extra School Extra
covidlong Long Haul
earlycare Early Child Care
Closing Closing questions
UAS 348 - Response Overview #
Size of selected sample 8820
Completed the survey 5900
Started but did not complete the survey 135
Did not start the survey 2785
Response rate 66.89%
Timing Distribution
Additional Information
Sample selection All active respondents who consented to participate in UAS46.
Language(s) English/Spanish
Field dates June 09, 2021 to July 20, 2021
Under embargo Data available here
Average Time 21 minutes