Variable Question text Label
cf000Just to verify, in the last My Household survey you indicated you are self-employed, is that still correct? still self-employed
cf001Do you have a business, or are you self-employed in some other way? have business
cf002Are you a primary decision maker in the business? (if you have more than one business, please answer thinking of your longest running business) primary decision maker in the business
cf003Please select the category that corresponds to the total revenue/sales earned by your business in revenue and sales
cf004How many employees does your business have, not including yourself? Count all full-time and part-time employees and enter in the box below. Enter 0 if your business has no employees other than yourself. how many employees
cf005Which of the following BEST describes your business’ primary activity? business primary activity
cf006We are interested in learning more about how busy business owners think about and describe their business' financial health. Our goal is to develop useful and meaningful methods of defining and measuring financial health for small businesses. As part of this project we are considering conducting some telephone interviews to learn from as many different types of business owners as we can. We would offer a small payment as a thank you for your time (e.g. $35 for 30 minutes, or $70 for an hour). If this project goes ahead, how likely are you to be available for an interview, if it we could schedule it at your convenience? This question is just exploratory, you can decide later whether to participate or not. consent in future project
cf006_askask cf006 or not
cf007Thank you for answering. Would you mind telling us briefly why you are unlikely or not available, in the box below? why not consent