Variable Question text Label
ageWhat is your age?age
agerangeIf you would rather not say, please choose a range below. We use your age in order to give you surveys which make the most sense to you, so even knowing what range you are in will help.Age range for missing age
anyhhmemberWhether any other HH memberWhether any other HH member
asianIndicates if the respondent considers themselves to be Asian.Asian
batchRecruitment batch (type, vendor, date)Recruitment batch (type, vendor, date)
blackIndicates if the respondent considers themselves to be black.Black
bornusWere you born in the United States?Born in the US
citizenusAre you a citizen of the United States?US Citizen
countrybornIn what country were you born?Country born
countryborn_otherIn what other country were you born?Unlisted country born
dateofbirth_yearYearR DATE OF BIRTH YEAR
disabledIndicates if the respondent is currently disabled.Disabled
educationWhat is the highest level of school that you have completed or the highest degree you have received?Highest level of education
employmenttypeAre you employed by government, by a private company, a nonprofit organization, or are you self-employed?Employment type
genderWhat is your gender?Gender - Male
hardwareHardware providedHardware provided
hhincomeWhich category represents the total combined income of all members of your family (living in your house) during the past 12 months? This includes money from jobs, net income from business, farm or rent, pensions, dividends, interest, Social Security payments and any other monetary income received by members of your family who are 15 years of age or older. Household income
hhmemberageWhat is the age of ^hhmembername[hhCnt]?Household member age
hhmembergenWhat is this member's gender?Household member gender
hhmemberinHousehold member in household or notHousehold member status
hhmembernumberNot including yourself, how many family members reside at your house with you?Number of household members besides R
hhmemberrelHow is this member related to you?HH MEMBER RELATIONSHIP TO MAIN R
hhmemberuasidHousehold member panel identifierHousehold member panel identifier
hisplatinoAre you Spanish, Hispanic or Latino?Spanish/Hispanic/Latino
hisplatino_groupWhat is your Spanish, Hispanic or Latino group? Spanish/Hispanic/Latino group
hoursworkHow many hours per week do you work?Hours of work per week
immigrant_statusIndicates Immigrant status. Derived from country of birth of parents and both sets of grandparents.Immigrant status
laborstatusIndicates the current labor status of the respondent.laborstatus
lastmyhh_dateLast date taken My HouseholdDate of last MyHH
lf_otherIndicates if the respondent currently has anther labor force status.Other Labor Force Status
livewithpartnerAre you currently living with a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner?Living with partner
maritalstatusAre you now married, widowed, divorced, separated or never married?Marital status
nativeamerIndicates if the respondent considers themselves to be American Indian or Alaska Native.American Indian or Alaska Native
pacificIndicates if the respondent considers themselves to be Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
primary_respondentPrimary respondent or notPrimary respondent or not
raceIndicates race of the respondent.Race
retiredIndicates if the respondent is currently retired.Retired
sampleframeSample frame of recruitment batchesSample frame of recruitment batches
sick_leaveIndicates if the respondent is currently on sick or other leave.On sick or other leave
statebornIn what state were you born?State born - FIPS coding
stateresideIn what state are you currently residing? State residence - FIPS coding
uasmembersNumber of household UAS members besides the respondentNumber of household UAS members besides the respondent
unemp_layoffIndicates if the respondent is currently unemployed - on layoff.Unemployed - on layoff
unemp_lookIndicates if the respondent is currently unemployed - looking.Unemployed - looking
whiteIndicates if the respondent considers themselves to be white.White
workfullpartDo you work full-time or part-time?Work full-time or part-time
workingIndicates if the respondent is currently working.Currently working