Variable Question text Label
SSB001Questions about Social Security benefits

In this survey, we mean by “Social Security benefits” any benefits that you yourself receive or will receive from the Social Security program, including retiree, disability, spouse, or survivor benefits. Which of the following statements best describes you?
Social Security status
SSB002At what age did you start receiving Social Security benefits?Social Security benefits claim age
SSB003At what age do you plan to start receiving Social Security benefits?age planning to receive Social Security benefits
SSB004Why do you think you will never be eligible to receive Social Security benefits?why never eligible for SS benefits
SSB005expected Soc Sec payments
SSB005_DKexpected Soc Sec payments--don't know
SSB005_perexpected Soc Sec payments--per
attn_checkPeople vary in the amount of attention to these kinds of surveys. Some take them seriously and read each question, while others go very quickly and barely read the questions at all. If you have read this question carefully, please select Chicago regardless of the true value.

Which of the following is not a US city?
data check of whether R read question fully