Variable Question text Label
checkappThank you, we are happy that you are interested in our project! Let’s check to make sure your phone will work with our EMA app. ^FLStore. Do you have it? check app
consentR consent
consent1Now that you have read about what is required for this two-year project, are you interested in participating? If you say yes, the next step will be to verify that you can download and use the UAS EMA app on your phone, then we can find a time when you are available to start your first seven-day project. initial consent
consent2Having read more about it, are you interested in participating in this project? consent after further information
downloadNext step is to make sure that you can install the app on your phone. Please search for the "UAS EMA" app from the Google Play Store (for Android phones) or the Apple Store (for Apple iPhones) and install it now.

If you are using your phone to take this survey, you don’t need to log out. When you come back to this screen, you should be able to continue the survey.

How did it go? Did you find the app and install it?
initial download
notsureThank you for thinking about participating in our project. We understand that you aren’t sure if you want to do it. To help us learn, please just let us know why. Check all that apply, and add your own if needed. Please feel free to contact us to get any questions answered. why not sure
refusedindicates if R refused
whyrefusedWe understand and respect that you have your own reasons for not wanting to participate, and are hoping you will share those with us. Help us learn! Check all that apply, and add your own if needed. why refused
whyrefused_orderorder why refused