Variable Question text Label
C001I could handle a major unexpected expensehandle unexpected expense
C002I am securing my financial futuresecuring financial future
C003Because of my money situation, I feel like
I will never have the things I want in life
never have things I want
C004I can enjoy life because of the way I'm managing moneyenjoy life managing money
C005I am just getting by financiallyjust getting by financially
C006I am concerned that the money I have or will save won't lastconcerned money won't last
C007Giving a gift for a wedding, birthday, or other occasion
would put a strain on my finances for the month
gift causes strain
C008I have money left over at the end of the monthmoney left over
C009I am behind with my financesbehind with finances
C010My finances control my lifefinances control life
C011How old are you?age
C012How did you take the questionnaire?how survey taken
C013How confident do you feel in your ability to make financial decisions?

confident make financial decisions