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BG002The first questions are about your health insurance coverage. Please include any kind of health insurance as well as government programs like Medicare and Medicaid that provide medical care or help pay medical bills. Are you currently covered by any kind of health insurance or some other kind of healthcare plan?currently covered by health insurance
BG003Which of the following best describes your current health insurance or healthcare coverage?
Please check all that apply.
Insurance through my or my spouse’s/partner’s employer/union
BG003_othercurrent health insurance other
FLMarketPlacemarketplace fill
FLMedicaidmedicaid fill
FLStateExchangestate exchange
HH001Now we would like to ask you some questions about health insurance in general.

Most health insurance plans will only help you pay for expenses related to emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
most health plans only help pay for ER
HH002The first time that you get any medical care in the year is a visit to the hospital. The hospital bill is $1,000. How much will you owe for this hospital visit? first time hospital how much owe
HH003How much more would you be willing to pay each month in additional premium dollars to have a $0 deductible? how much pay per month to have $0 deductible
HH004If you have paid your premium and you see a doctor for a preventive service like a recommended immunization or blood pressure screening, you will not have to pay any additional money out-of-pocket for this visit (even if you have not already met your deductible). paid premium you will not have to pay any additional money