Variable Question text Label
SE001Stick to your low fat, low salt foods when you feel depressed, bored, or tense.LOW FAT LOW SALT WHEN FEEL DEPRESSED
SE002Stick to your low fat, low salt foods when there is high fat, high salt food readily available at a party.HIGH FAT HIGH SALT READILY AVAILABLE
SE003Stick to your low fat, low salt foods when dining with friends or co-workers.WHEN DINING WITH FRIENDS
SE004Stick to your low fat, low salt foods when the only snack close by is available from a vending machine.VENDING MACHINE
SE005Stick to your low fat, low salt foods when you are alone, and there is no one watching you.NO ONE IS WATCHIING
SE006Eat smaller portions at dinner.EAT SMALLER PORTIONS
SE007Cook smaller portions so there are no leftovers.COOK SMALLER PORTIONS
SE008Eat lunch as your main meal of the day, rather than dinner.LUNCH AS MAIN MEAL
SE009Eat smaller portions of food at a party.EAT SMALLER PORTIONS AT PARTY
SE010Eat salads for lunch.EAT SALADS FOR LUNCH
SE011Add less salt than the recipe calls for.ADD LESS SALT
SE012Eat unsalted peanuts, chips, crackers, and pretzels.EAT UNSALTED PEANUTS
SE013Avoid adding salt at the table.AVOID ADDING SALT
SE014Eat unsalted, unbuttered popcorn.UNSALTED UNBUTTERED POPCORN
SE015Keep the salt shaker off the kitchen table.SALT SHAKER
SE016Eat meatless (vegetarian) entrees for dinner.VEGETARIAN ENTREES
SE017Substitute low or non-fat milk for whole milk at dinner.SUBSTITUTE NONFAT MILK
SE018Cut down on gravies and cream sauce.CUT DOWN ON GRAVIES
SE019Eat poultry and fish instead of red meat at dinner.EAT POULTRY AND FISH
SE020Avoid ordering red meat (beef, pork, ham, lamb) at restaurants.AVOID ORDERING RED MEAT