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A new service could one day be offered to people using IVF to have a baby. With this service, before an IVF embryo is transferred to a woman’s uterus to create a pregnancy, the embryo’s genes are edited to increase the chance of the child having certain medical and non-medical traits. With gene editing, segments of DNA are added, deleted, or corrected, and the child could pass down these changes to their own children.

Do you personally believe that using this service is morally acceptable, morally wrong, or is it not a moral issue? (Please choose the answer that corresponds most closely to your view.)

Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 Morally acceptable
2 Morally wrong
3 Not a moral issue
4 Not sure
Label: IVF gene editing morality
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: No

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