Survey data and data products (Tier 1)

This page lists the UAS survey data files, and data products, as well as certain UAS longitudinal study pages where datasets, publications, documentation and other information are aggregated.

Registration is not required to explore survey questions and documentation, read reports of aggregated results, or view study pages. Registered users may additionally view unweighted survey response frequencies and download microdata. Information about registration and data user agreements (DUAs) is located here and here.

Access to the UAS survey data and data product files is governed by the UAS Data Management Policies and Services. All files described here may be linked for analysis using the UAS’s unique respondent identifier uasid. Data files typically include the UAS’s set of standard demographic variables described here. Weights are generally also included, constructed per the UAS Weighting Procedures. Data files are cleaned conform the UAS data cleaning process described here. Information about data quality measures is available here

The following data files, data products, and UAS longitudinal studies are available:

Data sets for individual UAS surveys including STATA/CSV data sets, demographic files for non-respondents, timings files containing the time respondents spent, platform information files containing information about the type of device, operating system and browser, as well as documentation such as codebooks and further data descriptions. A full listing of UAS surveys is here.
Data sets integrating data from related surveys in the UAS in an user-friendly fashion. Click a specific item to learn more:

Comprehensive File (Longitudinal aggregation of UAS core surveys)
Cognitive comprehensive file (Longitudinal aggregation of UAS cognitive tests)
EMA Burst file (Longitudinal aggregation of UAS 7-day bursts)
Data sets about activities undertaken to recruit new panel members, to maintain membership of current panel members, and the behavior of respondents in terms of the surveys they participate in. More information is available here.
Data sets related to specific studies. Click a specific study to learn more:

COVID-19 Corona Virus (Tracks the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic)
Drug Use Supplement (Tracks monthly variation in drug use patterns and related-characteristics)
Education Project (Targets the subset of UAS households with at least one preK-12 child and/or at least one postsecondary student)
LABarometer (Monitors social conditions and attitudes in Los Angeles)
Monthly Events (Follows UAS respondents aged 50 or older with regard to events they experienced as well as self-assessments of health, life satisfaction, pain, hours worked, earnings and medical expenditures)
U.S. Election (Provides access to the 2016, 2018 and 2020 U.S. Election Polls conduced in the UAS)