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Answer options: 1 Current topics related to immigrant rights, such as pathways to citizenship
2 Current topics related to limiting immigration, such as increasing border security
3 Current topics related to gun control, such as background checks and raising age limits for gun ownership
4 Current topics related to 2nd amendment rights, such as the rights of citizens to own guns and the right to protect oneself
5 The pro-choice position on abortion, including women’s reproductive rights
6 The pro-life position on abortion, including the rights of unborn children
7 The need for criminal justice reform
8 Current topics related to voter rights, such as ensuring all have easy access to voting
9 Current topics related to election integrity, such as voter identification requirements
10 Current environmental topics such as changing weather patterns and their consequences
11 Current US economic topics such as inflation, taxation, and the federal budget
12 Topics related to gender identity, such as the existence of transgender, gender-fluid, or nonbinary identities
13 Topics related to sexual orientation, such as lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientations
14 Topics related to gay rights, such as marriage equality
15 Topics related to trans rights, such as access to gender neutral restrooms
16 Sex education, such as consent, safe sex practices, sexually transmitted infections
17 Causes and effects of racial inequality in the United States
18 Causes and effects of income inequality in the United States
19 The contributions of the Founding Fathers
20 Patriotism such as respect for the flag, love for country, appreciation for U.S. accomplishments
21 How to be a critical thinker such as analyze a problem, think about solutions, and argue for a particular solution
22 How students can get involved in local government or politics
23 The historical contributions of women and persons of color
24 The history and consequences of slavery in the U.S.
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