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Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 Gavin Newsom
Lieutenant Governor/Businessman (Party preference: Democratic)
2 Antonio Villaraigosa
Public Policy Advisor (Party preference: Democratic)
3 John H. Cox
Businessman/Taxpayer Advocate (Party preference: Republican)
4 Travis Allen
California Assemblyman/Businessman (Party preference: Republican)
5 John Chiang
California State Treasurer (Party preference: Democratic)
6 Delaine Eastin
Educator/Youth Advocate (Party preference: Democratic)
7 Akinyemi Agbede
Mathematician (Party preference: Democratic)
8 J. Bribiesca
Retired Medical Doctor (Party preference: Democratic)
9 Thomas Jefferson Cares
Blockchain Startup CEO (Party preference: Democratic)
10 Robert Davidson Griffis
Entrepreneur/Economist/Father (Party preference: Democratic)
11 Albert Caesar Mezzetti
Retired Educator (Party preference: Democratic)
12 Amanda Renteria
COO, Justice Department (Party preference: Democratic)
13 Michael Shellenberger
Environmental Organization Executive (Party preference: Democratic)
14 Klement Tinaj
CEO/Educator/Artist (Party preference: Democratic)
15 Christopher N. Carlson
Puppeteer/Musician (Party preference: Green)
16 Josh Jones
Author (Party preference: Green)
17 Zoltan Istvan
Entrepreneur/Transhumanist Lecturer (Party preference: Libertarian)
18 Nickolas Wildstar
Recording Artist (Party preference: Libertarian)
19 Yvonne Girard
Judicial Assistant (Party preference: Republican)
20 Peter Y. Liu
No Ballot Designation (Party preference: Republican)
21 Robert C. Newman II
Research Clinical Psychologist (Party preference: Republican)
22 Shubham Goel
Virtual Reality Manager (Party preference: None)
23 Hakan "Hawk" Mikado
CEO/Business Owner (Party preference: None)
24 Desmond Silveira
Senior Software Engineer (Party preference: None)
25 Jeffrey Edward Taylor
Marketplace Minister (Party preference: None)
26 Johnny Wattenburg
Business Owner (Party preference: None)
27 Gloria Estela La Riva
Graphic Artist (Party preference: Peace and Freedom)
28 I did not vote in the election for California governor
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: Yes

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