UAS 129


Stanford Low income High Stress Pilot - IAT End Survey

Section Description
Base Base questions
Demographics Demographics
introsection Introduction
part1 Subjective perception of scarcity
part2 Symbol Correspondence Test
part3 Allocation decisions
part4 IAT
part5 Questionnaires, Stress, Etc.
part6 Big 5 and other personality questions
part7 Socio-demographics
Closing Closing questions
UAS 129 - Response Overview #
Size of selected sample 177
Completed the survey 160
Started but did not complete the survey 8
Did not start the survey 9
Response rate 90.40%
Timing Distribution
Additional Information
Sample selection All active English speaking respondents who completed UAS 128 (Income less than \\\\$25K, positive response to a financial stress screener).
Language(s) English/Spanish
Field dates February 01, 2019 to February 06, 2019
Under embargo No
Average Time 12 minutes