Variable Question text Label

Did you experience any NEW illnesses or injuries last month - in ^FLMonth?. Please report only new illnesses or injuries. For instance if you were healthy before ^FLMonth, but had the ONSET of an illness in ^FLMonth, or if you had illnesses or injuries before ^FLMonth but had the onset of a NEW illness, or suffered a NEW injury in ^FLMonth.
previous suffered serious illness

Did a close relative suffer the ONSET of a serious illness, or was a close relative injured, or assaulted in ^FLMonth?
previous close relative suffered serious illness

Was there a death of someone close to you in ^FLMonth?
previous death of someone close to you

Did you have the ONSET of a serious problem with a close friend or relative (including children) in ^FLMonth?
previous serious problem with close friend

Did you become unemployed in ^FLMonth, yet you wanted to be employed?
previous became unemployed

Did you retire from your job in ^FLMonth?
previous retired from job
LE009_2_previousPREVIOUS MONTH

What was the nature of the financial setback or crisis you experienced in ^FLMonth?
I, or a spouse or partner lost a job or had work hours and/or income reduced

Did you have the ONSET of a major financial setback or crisis in ^FLMonth?
previous major financial setback

Did you have the ONSET of a major legal problem in ^FLMonth?
previous major legal problem
LE013_2_previousPREVIOUS MONTH

What was the nature of the positive change in your financial situation in ^FLMonth?
I got financial assistance from friends or family

Did you have a positive change in your financial situation in ^FLMonth?
previous positive change in financial situation

Did you go on a special vacation in ^FLMonth?
previous went on special vacation

Did you move to a new, better neighborhood in ^FLMonth?
previous moved to a better neighborhood

Did you experience the birth of a child or grandchild in ^FLMonth?
previous experienced the birth of a grandchild

Please click the relevant box if any of the events below occurred to you in the last month (^FLMonth).
I fell down
LE_HRS001a_rel_previousPREVIOUS MONTH

Please click the relevant box if any of the events below occurred to your close relative in the last month (^FLMonth).
He/she fell down
uas102_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas102 wave 1 periodicity paiduas102 wave 1 periodicity how paid
uas102_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas102 wave 1 typical hours workeduas102 wave 1 typical hours worked
uas195_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas195 wave 2 periodicity paiduas195 wave 2 periodicity how paid
uas195_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas195 wave 2 typical hours workeduas195 wave 2 typical hours worked
uas198_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas198 wave 3 periodicity paiduas198 wave 3 periodicity how paid
uas198_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas198 wave 3 typical hours workeduas198 wave 3 typical hours worked
uas204_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas204 wave 4 periodicity paiduas204 wave 4 periodicity how paid
uas204_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas204 wave 4 typical hours workeduas204 wave 4 typical hours worked
uas205_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas205 wave 5 periodicity paiduas205 wave 5 periodicity how paid
uas205_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas205 wave 5 typical hours workeduas205 wave 5 typical hours worked
uas211_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas211 wave 6 periodicity paiduas211 wave 6 periodicity how paid
uas211_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas211 wave 6 typical hours workeduas211 wave 6 typical hours worked
uas215_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas215 wave 7 periodicity paiduas215 wave 7 periodicity how paid
uas215_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas215 wave 7 typical hours workeduas215 wave 7 typical hours worked
uas218_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas218 wave 8 periodicity paiduas218 wave 8 periodicity how paid
uas218_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas218 wave 8 typical hours workeduas218 wave 8 typical hours worked
uas222_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas222 wave 9 periodicity paiduas222 wave 9 periodicity how paid
uas222_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas222 wave 9 typical hours workeduas222 wave 9 typical hours worked
uas228_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas228 wave 10 periodicity paiduas228 wave 10 periodicity how paid
uas228_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas228 wave 10 typical hours workeduas228 wave 10 typical hours worked
uas232_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas232 wave 11 periodicity paiduas232 wave 11 periodicity how paid
uas232_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas232 wave 11 typical hours workeduas232 wave 11 typical hours worked
uas285_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas285 wave 12 periodicity paiduas285 wave 12 periodicity how paid
uas285_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas285 wave 12 typical hours workeduas285 wave 12 typical hours worked
uas291_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas291 wave 13 periodicity paiduas291 wave 13 periodicity how paid
uas291_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas291 wave 13 typical hours workeduas291 wave 13 typical hours worked
uas298_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas298 wave 14 periodicity paiduas298 wave 14 periodicity how paid
uas298_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas298 wave 14 typical hours workeduas298 wave 14 typical hours worked
uas305_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas305 wave 15 periodicity paiduas305 wave 15 periodicity how paid
uas305_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas305 wave 15 typical hours workeduas305 wave 15 typical hours worked
uas310_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas310 wave 16 periodicity paiduas310 wave 16 periodicity how paid
uas310_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas310 wave 16 typical hours workeduas310 wave 16 typical hours worked
uas316_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas316 wave 17 periodicity paiduas316 wave 17 periodicity how paid
uas316_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas316 wave 17 typical hours workeduas316 wave 17 typical hours worked
uas321_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas321 wave 18 periodicity paiduas321 wave 18 periodicity how paid
uas321_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas321 wave 18 typical hours workeduas321 wave 18 typical hours worked
uas329_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas329 wave 19 periodicity paiduas329 wave 19 periodicity how paid
uas329_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas329 wave 19 typical hours workeduas329 wave 19 typical hours worked
uas332_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas332 wave 20 periodicity paiduas332 wave 20 periodicity how paid
uas332_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas332 wave 20 typical hours workeduas332 wave 20 typical hours worked
uas336_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas336 wave 21 periodicity paiduas336 wave 21 periodicity how paid
uas336_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas336 wave 21 typical hours workeduas336 wave 21 typical hours worked
uas380_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas380 wave 22 periodicity paiduas380 wave 22 periodicity how paid
uas380_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas380 wave 22 typical hours workeduas380 wave 22 typical hours worked
uas384_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas384 wave 23 periodicity paiduas384 wave 23 periodicity how paid
uas384_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas384 wave 23 typical hours workeduas384 wave 23 typical hours worked
uas386_LE_HRS_EbIndicates uas386 wave 24 periodicity paiduas386 wave 24 periodicity how paid
uas386_LE_HRS_HbIndicates preloaded uas386 wave 24 typical hours workeduas386 wave 24 typical hours worked