Variable Question text Label
sc001aPreschool or daycarepreschool or daycare
sc001bElementary schoolelementary school
sc001cMiddle school or junior highmiddle school or junior high
sc001dHigh schoolhigh school
sc001eFour-year collegefour-year college
sc001fCommunity collegescommunity colleges
sc001gTrade school, including technical institutes and vocational schools trade school, including technical institutes and vocational schools
sc002What type(s) of school(s) do your child(ren) attend in-person or online? Check all that apply. types of school
sc003In general, how would you rate the availability of schooling options that meet the needs of the children in your household?availability of schooling options
sc004How would you rate the affordability of the schooling options available to the children in your household?affordability of schooling options
sc005In the last 12 months, how often have you worried that your household could not afford to pay for the children's school and after-school needs (including material and equipment required)? how often worried not afford to pay schooling needs
sc006How would you rate the overall quality of schools in your neighborhood:overall quality of schools in neighborhood
sc007Compared to the quality of education you received when you were a child, how would you rate the quality of your child(ren)’s education?quality of education compared to your own
sc008Do any children live with you in your current housing? children in household