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EN002In 2016, the major candidates for president were Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hilary Clinton for the Democrats. In that election, did you vote? did you vote in 2016
EN003Who did you vote for in the presidential election?who did you vote for in 2016
EN008This brief survey asks some questions about elections, and if you would will be willing to participate in an ongoing weekly survey starting soon.

On a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means absolutely no chance and 100 means absolutely certain, what is the percent chance that you will vote in the election for President of the United States this year (2020)?
percent chance vote
EN009Are you currently registered to vote in the precinct where you now live?registered to vote
EN010From now until the election in November, we would like to ask you five questions every other week about your opinion of the candidates. You would be paid $2 each week for your answers to this tracking survey, which will allow us to see changes in opinion over time. Would you be interested in joining our tracking survey?participate in uas election project
EN201Which of the following comes closest to describing the region where you now live?

(If you live in more than one location, please choose the description that best describes your main residence.)
region r lives
EN202Are you registered as: registered voter as
EN204Which of the following describes your participation in your state’s party primary to nominate a presidential candidate this year?Voted in state primary?
EN205In the Democratic primary in your state, which candidate did you vote for? Democratic Primary Vote 2020
EN206Some facts about the 2020 election tracking survey:

  • We will assign you a certain day of the week (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc)
  • You will be reminded to log in to on your assigned day, every other week, and asked to complete a survey
  • We hope you will answer on your assigned day, but you will have 14 days to complete it
  • It will take a couple of minutes to answer the questions
  • You will earn $2 per survey
  • If you have to skip a week, you can still participate the next time
  • If you decide NOT participate in this tracking survey, nothing will change
  • Your decision is completely voluntary
  • Even if you say yes now, you can stop doing the surveys at any time
  • Whether or not you participate in the weekly survey, we appreciate your continuing to complete our regular surveys

Having read more would you be interested in participating in our weekly election tracking survey?
Participate after more info
EN207Regardless of if or how you are registered to vote, are you more closely aligned with…more closely aligned with
EN208Generally speaking, do you lean more toward affiliating with Democrats or with Republicans?lean to Dem or Rep
EN209Do you currently live in North Dakota? if not please go back and choose another option. If so, please contact UAS to change your address. currently live in North Dakota?
FLClintonTrump_randrandom clinton trump
FLTrumpClintontrump or clinton random