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For which of the following types of products would you consider yourself an ^FLEnthousiast? (Select all that apply)

spec_q1_otherOther Option for Question 1
spec_q2To what extent would you be interested in using an app like the one described on the previous screen to provide multimedia feedback to companies on products and services you feel passionate about? You might also be able to earn rewards in the form of cash, product discounts and/or points.
spec_q3_1Post your feedback to social media of your choice, e.g. you could select Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. and the app would post for you.
spec_q3_2Have your feedback entered into a network contest to win prizes, e.g. for most entertaining feedback
spec_q3_3Post to the app's website and be able to see what others are saying
spec_q3_4Submit your feedback directly to the company or brand
spec_q3_5Resolve a problem with a product with the company or brand