Variable Question text Label
hm001^fl_cr001, do you think homelessness in your neighborhood has increased, decreased, or remained the same? homelessness increased or decreased
hm002aDrug and alcohol abuseDrug and alcohol abuse cause
hm002bMental illnessMental illness cause
hm002cPhysical disabilityPhysical disability cause
hm002dJob loss/unemploymentJob loss/unemployment cause
hm002eLack of education/skillsLack of education/skills cause
hm002fIrresponsible behaviorIrresponsible behavior cause
hm002gLifestyle choiceLifestyle choice cause
hm002hPoor work ethicPoor work ethic cause
hm002iLack of opportunity in LALack of opportunity in LA cause
hm002jLack of affordable housing in LALack of affordable housing in LA cause
hm002kBeing born into a poor familyBeing born into a poor family cause
hm002lBad luckBad luck cause
hm_block_orderIndicates homelessness block orderhomelessness block order
hm_treatmentIndicates homelessness treatmenthomelessness treatment indicator