Variable Question text Label
ta_001Generally speaking, do you ^FL_support[1] or ^FL_support[2] the 2018 U.S. Tax bill that was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump?Support/Oppose 2018 tax bill
ta_001_orderorder Support/Oppose 2018 tax bill
ta_001_randomizerIndicates order Support/Oppose 2018 tax billindicates order Support/Oppose 2018 tax bill
ta_002Thinking back to 2018, that is, between January 2018 and December 2018:

Were there changes in your employment or pay levels? e.g. You started or stopped working, changed jobs, worked more or fewer hours, retired, or some other change that affected how much you earned in 2018 compared to 2017?
change in employment
ta_003Again, thinking back to 2018... Did you notice any changes in how much was in your paycheck each time, compared to 2017? Please only think of increases or decreases that were NOT caused by changes in employment or pay. change in paycheck
ta_004What do you think caused the change in your paycheck that was not due to changes in employment or pay? Reasons for change
ta_005Did you adjust your W2 or other income tax withholding in 2018? If so, what was the reason? Reason adjusted W2
ta_006Have you (or your spouse) filed a 2018 income tax return with the IRS?Filed 2018 tax return
ta_006aDid you (or your spouse) file a 2017 income tax return with the IRS? Filed 2017 tax return
ta_007Thinking about your tax returns filed last year (for 2017) and this year (for 2018), and whether you received a refund or owed more in taxes. Please check which option applies to you:expect to pay more or less