Variable Question text Label
FLCadenceonce a week or every other week
cr001_orderorder of cr001 series
cr001aFever or chillsexperienced Fever or chills
cr001bRunny or stuffy noseexperienced Runny or stuffy nose
cr001cChest congestionexperienced Chest congestion
cr001dCoughexperienced cough
cr001eSore throatexperienced Sore throat
cr001fSneezingexperienced Sneezing
cr001gMuscle or body achesexperienced Muscle or body aches
cr001hHeadachesexperienced Headaches
cr001iFatigue or tirednessexperienced Fatigue or tiredness
cr001jShortness of breathexperienced Shortness of breath
cr001kAbdominal discomfortexperienced Abdominal discomfort
cr001lVomitingexperienced Vomiting
cr001mHair Lossexperienced Hair Loss
cr001nDry skinexperienced Dry skin
cr001oBody temperature higher than 100.4 F or 38.0 Cexperienced Body temperature higher than 100.4 F or 38.0 C
cr001pDiarrheaexperienced Diarrhea
cr001qLost sense of smell experienced Lost sense of smell
cr001rSkin rashexperienced Skin Rash
cr002Have you been tested for coronavirus^FLTimeReferenceCR002? If so, what was the result?tested for the coronavirus
cr005Whether or not you have had a coronavirus test, has a doctor or another healthcare professional diagnosed you as having or probably having the coronavirus^FLTimeReference?diagnosed with the coronavirus
cr007Do you think you have been infected with the coronavirus^FLTimeReference?think infected with coronavirus
cr011Have you contacted anyone^FL_cr011 to inform them you have coronavirus^FLTimeReference?contacted a doctor, employer, family