Variable Question text Label
ib_001Do you or anyone in your household have an account at a financial institution (for instance, checking, savings, credit card, or brokerage account)?account at financial institution
ib_002Have you ever paid a bill over the internet (using a computer, tablet or mobile phone)?ever paid bill over the internet
ib_003Have you ever checked your account balance over the internet (using a computer, tablet or mobile phone)?ever checked account balance over the internet
ib_004Have you ever transferred money from one account to another over the internet (using a computer, tablet or mobile phone), either to another account of your own or to someone else’s account?ever transferred money one account to another over the internet
ib_005Are you using a personal financial management service that is not part of your bank, which provides overviews and summaries of your accounts? Please check all that apply.No, I am not using such a service
ib_005_otherPlease provide the name of the other personal financial management service you are using. (Please separate multiple institutions with commas)other personal financial management service
ib_006We are interested in how Americans spend their money and how they are doing financially. We would ask you to sign up with a custom made financial management web-site^ib_006_text. The web-site has been developed in collaboration with one of the biggest financial management service companies in the world: Yodlee. For instance, Yodlee provides services to 12 of the 20 largest banks in the United States.

We will NOT have access to your passwords or any other identifying information; this information will be safeguarded by Yodlee. We will use the data in the same way we use surveys you participate in: to make summary tables or graphs to better understand how Americans are doing. Just like the information you provide through surveys, you will be compensated for the information that you share with us.

If you agree to participate, we will pay you $^ib_pay_signup just for signing up with the financial management web-site, plus $^ib_pay_addInst for every one of your financial institutions that you add on the web-site. For example, imagine you have a checking and a savings account with one financial institution, a credit card with another, a brokerage account with another financial institution, and a retirement account (such as a 401(K) or IRA) with yet another one. That means you have a total of 5 accounts at 4 financial institutions. You will earn $^ib_pay_summary_addInst (4 x $^ib_pay_addInst) if you sign all 4 of your financial institutions up. Every month after that, we will pay you $^ib_pay_monthly per institution that you signed up to the web-site. That means the earlier you sign up all of your financial institutions, the sooner you can start earning money, just for letting Yodlee summarize information about your accounts for us. You'll get the monthly amount as long as you keep information about each institution current in the system.

In addition, if you forget to sign up one of your institutions now, or if you open a new account later, you can go back to our web-site, add your institution and receive $^ib_pay_addInst for adding the institution plus $^ib_pay_monthly every month after that.

Let’s summarize how this would work, imagining you have 5 accounts at 4 different financial institutions as in the example above. You will receive:
  • $^ib_pay_signup for signing up with the financial management web-site;
  • $^ib_pay_summary_addInst (4 x $^ib_pay_addInst) for signing all 4 of your financial institutions up;
  • $^ib_pay_summary_monthly (4 x $^ib_pay_monthly) every month; that comes to $^ib_pay_summary_yearly (12 x $^ib_pay_summary_monthly) per year.
If you participate in this study for a year, you will receive a total of $^ib_pay_signup + $^ib_pay_summary_addInst + $^ib_pay_summary_yearly = $^ib_pay_summary_total!

Note: you can change your mind at any time. Even if you say yes now, this does not obligate you for the future; you can withdraw at any time.

I am interested in participating.
ib_pay_signupPayment for account signup = $5 (was t1,t4=$10; t2,t5=$25; t3,t6=$50)