Variable Question text Label
Q2Will you be willing to participate in the Diary of Consumer Payment Choice this fall?willing
Q5Thank you. Could you just let us know which reason below best explains your reason for not wanting to participate in this study?reason not wanting to participate
Q5_otherother reason
Q6That's okay, even if you spend $0 on any day we are still interested in having you participate so we can get a better sense of the habits of the U.S. Population. Are you willing to participate now?willing now
Q8Do you have any international travel planned for the period between September 29 and November 2?international travel planned
Q9Please let us know the dates you will not be in the US.when gone
Q10That is not a problem. We are still interested in your experience making payments even if you do not make the bulk of payments for your household. Would you be willing to participate?still interested willing
willingwilling to participate