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Question text: Selected most important
Answer type: Drop down
Answer options: 1 Option to consult with a doctor through a video visit
2 Easy email or telephone communication to follow-up with my doctor, nurse, or other health care provider
3 Transmission of my health record through a secure electronic communications system to another provider (usually a specialist) to aid in my diagnosis or treatment plan
4 Access to connected electronic tools to record my health and medical data for review by my doctor or other health care provider
5 All my doctors are in-network
6 Doctors and other providers who communicate with each other and coordinate my treatment
7 Access to a doctor or other health care provider that is close to my house or work
8 Access to providers for mental/emotional health
9 Saving money by receiving my medications through the mail
10 Low out-of-pocket costs for both generic and brand-name prescription drugs
11 Getting to speak to a pharmacist about my medications
12 Option to complete a genetic screening to understand my overall health and potential health risks
13 Option to participate in a wellness coaching program to achieve weight loss, stop smoking, or other lifestyle health improvements
14 An app or online portal to make appointments with my doctor and complete check-in prior to appointment time
15 An online consult with a medical coordinator to determine the right doctor, hospital, or treatment facility for my specific situation
16 A customer service online portal to submit claims or complete an administrative task
17 A customer service representative or billing agent who will work on an issue until it is completely resolved
18 Access to reliable information about quality (medical outcomes, surgical success rates, hospital readmissions) when choosing a health care provider or hospital
19 A health care provider who uses electronic medical records, personal health records, or prescription ordering systems
20 A doctor or other health care provider who listens to me, cares about me, and does not rush through my exam
21 A doctor or health care provider who clearly explains what s/he is doing during my exam and what I need to do after the visit
22 An online database or pamphlet showing the out-of-pocket costs I will have to pay for different providers, hospitals, and health care services
23 An online portal to obtain real-time and automated approval for referrals and prior authorizations
24 An affordable, fixed out-of-pocket cost for every visit to the doctor's office for any service I receive
25 Option of interacting with a provider via a video visit to help direct my care at a lower cost than going to my regular doctor or emergency room
Label: most important attribute per round
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: Yes

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