General information

Question text: Do you have any of the following benefits through your current job or business? Please choose all that apply.
Answer type: Check boxes
Answer options: 1 Traditional pension plan
2 Retirement account (for instance, a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA account)
3 Employer contributions to a retirement account
4 Health insurance
5 Dental or vision insurance
6 Health Care or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
7 Housing or housing subsidy
8 Life or disability insurance
9 Commuter benefits
10 Childcare assistance
11 Stocks, options, or other company equity
12 Quality of life benefits (gym memberships, tuition reimbursements, etc.)
13 None of the above
Label: benefits through current job
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: No

Data information

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