General information

Question text: Now that you have read about what is required for this short project, are you interested in participating? Here is a reminder of what you are agreeing to do if you decide to participate:

You will have the opportunity to participate during one of the project weeks scheduled over the next few months.

You will answer questions six times a day for seven days. You will be able to set a window of time during the day, when you will be prompted to answer the questions, for example, between 9am and 5pm. Then, six times during that window each day, your phone will notify you that a survey is ready.

Each time the phone prompts you, you will have eight minutes to respond. We will remind you with a text message after 4 minutes. If you miss one, you will just do the next one. We will pay you for every prompt that you can answer.

There are 15 questions to answer during each prompt. They will ask you to quickly check in about how you are feeling and what you were doing (e.g. working, caregiving, preparing food, interacting with other people, etc.) right before your phone prompted you to respond.

Many people find that they are able to manage to answer most or all of the prompts quite easily. HOWEVER, if your work or your duties will not allow you to stop what you are doing to answer questions on your phone during the day, that is fine! But this project may not be for you. Please think about your availability before you decide to participate.

Do you want to participate in this project?
Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 Yes, I will participate
2 No, I prefer not to participate
3 Not sure, I need more information to decide
Label: initial consent
Empty allowed: Not allowed
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: No

Data information

To download data for this survey, please login with your username and password. Note: if your account is expired, you will need to reactivate your access to view or download data.