General information

Question text: We are interested in how people use the rewards they earn doing surveys with the UAS. Please check off any of the following that apply to how you usually spend or save your UAS earnings.
Answer type: Check boxes
Answer options: 1 Deposit in a savings or investment account for future use
2 Deposit in a checking or other account to be used for everyday purchases
3 Pay housing costs (rent, mortgage)
4 Pay down credit card or other debt (other than mortgage)
5 Pay for gasoline or transportation (e.g. bus, train, ride share trips)
6 Purchase groceries or meals
7 Pay for health-related expenses (prescriptions, co-pays, medical bills)
8 Pay for fun things like toys, presents, outings or trips, special dinners, or snacks or treats.
9 Something else: ~eoy_01_other
Label: rely on UAS rewards
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: No

Data information

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