General information

Question text: Why haven’t you tried to get the vaccine since ^FLTimeReferenceCR080? Please mark all that apply.
Answer type: Check boxes
Answer options: 1 I don't want to get vaccinated.
2 I don't know how to schedule an appointment.
3 I don't know where to go for the vaccine.
4 I am waiting for a vaccine provider to contact me.
5 The vaccine providers are too far away.
6 There is a vaccine shortage in my community.
7 I don't have access to transportation.
8 I don't have access to a phone or computer.
9 I don't have time.
10 I am physically unable to travel.
11 I believe the vaccine is not effective.
12 I believe the vaccine is unsafe.
13 I don't need the vaccine.
14 The vaccine is not available in my community for people like me.
15 Other, please specify: ~cr088_other
Label: why not tried to get vaccine
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: One-time warning
Multiple instances: No

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