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sc_001 (ever set up access to online banking)
We are launching an important new project in the UAS. If you use online banking, or go online to check any of your financial accounts, you can review the information about the project and decide if you would like to participate.

Online banking is a method of accessing a bank account via the website of a bank. With online banking, you can access your bank account, transfer money between accounts, and pay bills - over the Internet or through a mobile device.

Have you ever set up access to online banking for any of your bank accounts?
1 (YES) Yes
2 (NO) No
if sc_001 != 1 then
Thank you. We will be in touch when we have other surveys or projects that you may participate in.
Exit the survey
End of if
if treatment = empty then
treatment_flag := 1
treatment := getTreatment()
if treatment = empty then
treatment_flag := 2
treatment := mt_rand(1,2)
End of if
End of if
Fill code of question 'FLAmounts' executed
consent (consent)
We are looking for volunteers for a study about how people in America manage their money.

If you agree to participate, we will ask you to sign up to a secure website where you can track all your financial transactions. There is no cost to using this service. In fact, we will pay you in return for allowing UAS researchers to learn from your everyday transactions.

Your financial information will be secure, protected, and confidential. As with all Understanding America Study surveys you take, the information you share with us is never linked to you individually. We have developed the website in collaboration with Plaid, a company trusted by millions of consumers to connect their bank and other financial accounts such as investments or retirement savings, to help them manage their money. The data we access will include account type, institution holding the account, account balance, transaction dates, transaction amounts, and the type of merchant.

Your passwords and IDs will remain private. Plaid will never share your login IDs, passwords, or any other personal information with UAS researchers or anyone else. We at UAS also protect your private information. For example, when we write up results, we only ever publish tables and graphs that make it impossible to identify anyone individually.

Time required: Your participation in this study will require very little of your time. After you add your accounts, we will ask you to periodically review and update them as needed. You can remove any or all of your accounts from the study at any time without consequences. We also may ask you if you are willing to talk to us about your experience using the site. If so, you will be paid for your time and we will arrange to speak to you when it is convenient. You do not have to agree to do an interview to participate in the rest of the study.

To get started: You will simply create your own private password for the secure Plaid website and then follow prompts to log into it and add financial institutions with which you have accounts.

You will be paid for your participation, now and monthly: You will earn $[[]] for each financial institution that you add. After that you will continue to earn $[[]] every month for each active institution that you have added.

If you have any questions about this study: Please let us know. You can find out more information about Plaid here: For other questions, just call our help desk at 855.872.8673 (9am to 5pm Pacific; Monday through Friday) or send an email to

I am interested in participating.
1 (YES) Yes
2 (NO) No
if consent = 1 then
link := getUasfinLink()

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this study!

We have set up a secure website which requires that you set up a new password that only you will know.

Please click on the link below to create the new password for your account on the secure website. Once your password is set, you will be asked to login to the study site – Called UASFin - using username [PRIMARY KEY[]] and the new password you created. Please write it down and keep it in a secure place so you will be able to log in to the study site in the future.

SETUP PASSWORD (opens in a new window)

IMPORTANT: After creating your password and adding your accounts, Please remember to return to this page and complete the rest of this survey, to get your $2 reward in addition to the rewards you will earn from linking your accounts in the UASFin site.

Group of questions presented on the same screen
consentno (why no consent)
Thank you for your help. While you are never obligated to participate in any UAS study, we would like to understand why some people chose not to participate in this particular study. We would like to learn about why you are not interested in participating in this study at this time, if you don’t mind.

Which of the following are reasons why you are not interested in participating in this study?

Please check all that apply.
1 I don't trust the security of your website
2 I don't want to share information about my financial transactions
3 It seems like too much work
4 I don't know how to log into my online accounts
5 Something else:
consentno_other (other why no consent)
End of group of questions
consentno_call (call about why no consent)
People have all kinds of reasons for not wanting to participate in a study like this one. We would like to learn more about those reasons. Would you be willing to participate in a short telephone interview with a friendly UAS staff member? We would schedule the call at your convenience, and you would earn $20 for your time.
1 Yes, you may contact me to schedule an interview
2 No, please do not contact me for an interview
if consentno_call = 1 then
dummy := yesInterview()
End of if
End of if
dummy := doPayout(2)
Could you tell us how interesting or uninteresting you found the questions in this interview?
1 Very interesting
2 Interesting
3 Neither interesting nor uninteresting
4 Uninteresting
5 Very uninteresting
CS_003 (comments)
Do you have any other comments on the interview? Please type these in the box below.(If you have no comments, please click next to complete this survey.)