Every UAS survey data set includes a series of key demographic variables, which provide background information about the respondent and household. The My Household survey inquires of UAS respondents their age, ethnicity, education, marital status, work status, state of residence and family structure, among other matters. To ensure the UAS panel’s data is current, My Household is administered quarterly to all respondents. If a respondent's My Household survey is more than three months old, they cannot participate in other surveys until their information is checked and updated.

The information gathered through the My Household survey is used in several ways:

A detailed listing of what is asked in the "My Household" survey can be found here. NOTE: the My Household data set only contains active respondents. “Active” in this context is defined as having completed or updated My Household within the last year, taking today's date as reference. Prior to January 24, 2024, UAS members were considered active, and included in the MYHH file, only if they had completed at least one other UAS survey in addition to My Household. Members who have not completed any surveys in a 12 month period become inactive, and are no longer included in the file. To obtain a data set with all panel members (past and current) please contact us by mail at