General information

Question text:
Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 Washed your hands with soap or used hand sanitizer several times per day
2 Canceled or postponed air travel for work
3 Canceled or postponed air travel for pleasure
4 Canceled or postponed work or school activities
5 Canceled or postponed personal or social activities
6 Visited a doctor
7 Canceled a doctor’s appointment
8 Stockpiled food or water
9 Avoided contact with people who could be high-risk
10 Avoided public spaces, gatherings, or crowds
11 Prayed
12 Avoided eating at restaurants
13 Stockpiled hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes
14 Worked or studied at home
15 Worn a mask or other face covering
16 Stockpiled medication
Label: order of cr010 series
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: Yes

Data information for cr016_order_10_

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