UAS 480


2022 Boston Fed Diary: DCPC

Section Description
Base Base questions
demographics Demographics
extra_demographics Boston Demographics
paymentmethods Assessments of Payment Characteristics
banking Banking
responsibility Financial Responsibility
definitions Definitions
paymenthistory Payment History
skips Skip variables
preloads Preloads
cash Cash
online Online/mobile payments
infrequent Infrequently adopted/used payment types
credit Credit Card
prepaid Prepaid Card
crypto Virtual Currencies
income Income
preferences Preferences
penny Penny Questions
faster Faster Payments
old Old
closing Closing questions
UAS 480 - Response Overview #
Size of selected sample 0
Completed the survey 0
Started but did not complete the survey 5169
Did not start the survey -5169
Response rate nan%
Timing Distribution
Additional Information
Sample selection
Language(s) English/Spanish
Field dates September 28, 2022 to November 10, 2022
Under embargo Yes
Average Time 15 minutes