Variable Question text Label
cr001_orderorder of cr001 series
cr001aFever or chillsexperienced Fever or chills
cr001bRunny or stuffy noseexperienced Runny or stuffy nose
cr001cChest congestionexperienced Chest congestion
cr001dCoughexperienced cough
cr001eSore throatexperienced Sore throat
cr001fSneezingexperienced Sneezing
cr001gMuscle or body achesexperienced Muscle or body aches
cr001hHeadachesexperienced Headaches
cr001iFatigue or tirednessexperienced Fatigue or tiredness
cr001jShortness of breathexperienced Shortness of breath
cr001lVomitingexperienced Vomiting
cr001mHair Lossexperienced Hair Loss
cr001oBody temperature higher than 100.4 F or 38.0 Cexperienced Body temperature higher than 100.4 F or 38.0 C
cr001pDiarrheaexperienced Diarrhea
cr001qLost sense of smell or tasteexperienced Lost sense of smell or taste
cr001rSkin rashexperienced Skin Rash
cr001sConfusion or difficulty thinking clearlyexperienced Confusion or difficulty thinking clearly
cr001tMemory problemsexperienced Memory problems
cr001vOther health problemsexperienced Other health problems
cr002Have you been tested for coronavirus^FLTimeReferenceCR002? If so, what was the result?tested for the coronavirus
cr005Whether or not you have had a coronavirus test, has a doctor or another healthcare professional diagnosed you as having or probably having the coronavirus^FLTimeReference?diagnosed with the coronavirus
cr005aHave you experienced a cold or the flu since ^FLOneMonthAgo? experienced cold or flu
cr007Do you think you have been infected with the coronavirus^FLTimeReference?think infected with coronavirus
cr013Do you currently have health insurance? have health insurance
cr079How many times have you been tested since ^FLTimeReferenceCR067?how many times tested
cr080What were the results?test results
cr081Which coronavirus vaccine did you receive? which vaccine
cr082_dayday first dose
cr082_monthWhen did you receive your first dose of the coronavirus vaccine?month first dose
cr083_dayday second dose
cr083_monthWhen did you receive your second dose of the coronavirus vaccine?month second dose
cr084Since ^FLTimeReferenceCR080, have you actively tried to get the coronavirus vaccine for yourself?tried to get vaccine
cr085What steps did you take to try to get the coronavirus vaccine? Please mark all that apply. steps taken to try and get vaccine
cr086What was the outcome when you tried to schedule an appointment? Please mark all that apply.why unable to schedule appointment
cr087What was the outcome when you visited a vaccine provider without an appointment? Please mark all that apply. why unable to get vaccine without appointment
cr088Why haven’t you tried to get the vaccine since ^FLTimeReferenceCR080? Please mark all that apply. why not tried to get vaccine
cr089How much do you trust the process in general (not just for COVID-19) to develop safe vaccines for children?trust in child vaccine manufacturing process
cr090How much do you trust the governmental approval process to ensure a COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children?trust in children governmental approval process
cr091How many doses (injections) does this vaccine require? other vaccine how many doses