Variable Question text Label
FL_belowFPL135fill inserting the appropriate FPL135 threshold for this size of HH
HH1How many people, including yourself, live in your household? how many people, including R, in household
belowFPL135During the past 12 months, was the total combined income of all people living in your household below ^FL_belowFPL135?

This includes money from jobs, net income from business, farm or rent, pensions, dividends, interest, Social Security payments and any other monetary income received by members of your family who are 15 years of age or older.
whether HH income is below 135% of the federal poverty line
intsvc01Does your household have high-speed internet service? This is a service typically provided by a cable company, a telephone company or a satellite company directly to your house that is different from a data plan you may have on your smartphone.whether HH has internet service
intsvc02Does your household pay a monthly bill for subscription to high-speed internet service at home?whether HH pays monthly internet bill
intsvc03Approximately how much is your total monthly high-speed internet bill (including taxes)?how much monthly internet bill
intsvc04Is your internet service subscription combined with other services such as cable or satellite TV or phone service?whether subscription combined with oth svcs
intsvc05During the past year, was there ever a time that you had to cut on other essential expenses such as health care, food or clothing to pay for high-speed internet service?whether cut essential expenses for internet in last yr
intsvc06Do you have a wireless data plan that allows you to connect to the internet through a smartphone? This is different from a high-speed internet service for your home.whether R has smartphone data plan
intsvc07Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March of 2020, have you had a live virtual consultation with a doctor or a health professional over the phone or the Internet?whether R had virtual consult with dr since covid
intsvc08Which device did you use primarily for your live virtual consultation/s with a doctor or a health professional?device used by R for virtual consult with dr
intsvc09Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is getting better, if you had the opportunity do you think you will continue to have live virtual consultations with a doctor or a health professional instead of going to a doctor’s office or health facility?whether R would have additional virtual consults with dr
intsvc10Are you aware of affordable Internet plans that some companies in California make available to low-income households, to those in public housing, to families with children who qualify for free or reduced lunch, or to households who receive benefits such as food stamps or supplemental income?whether R aware of affordable internet plans for low income HHs
intsvc11Did you or someone else ever apply for any of these affordable internet plans for your household?whether HH ever applied for affordable internet plan
intsvc12Why did you never apply?I/we don’t think I/we will be eligible
intsvc13Is your household currently enrolled in any of these affordable Internet service plans?whether HH enrolled in affordable internet plan
intsvc14Why is your household not currently enrolled?why HH not currently enrolled in affordable internet plan
intsvc15Last month the federal government launched a new program called Emergency Broadband Benefit that provides a discount of up to $50 per month towards internet service for eligible households. Have you heard about the program?whether R has heard about EBB
intsvc16How likely are you/your household to apply to this program?how likely that HH will apply to EBB
preload_HH1How many people, including yourself, live in your household? preloaded how many people, including R, in household