Variable Question text Label
check_lr011You entered an amount over $50,000. Is this correct?amount over 50k
currently_workingcurrently working or not
lb001Are you currently employed by government, by a private company, or a nonprofit organization?employment type
lb001_aWhat type of work do you do as a self-employed individual?self-employment type
lr005In your primary job, are you self-employed or do you work for an employer? self employed or work for employer
lr007Out of the past seven days, how many days did you work from home?

how many day work from home past seven days
lr007bOut of the past seven days, how many days did you work on business premises, for example at your company office or client's worksite?

how many day work on business premises past seven days
lr010How frequently are you paid for your job?how frequently paid
lr011What was the amount on your most recent paycheck? Please enter the net amount (after any taxes and deductions). amount most recent paycheck
lr011aYou said your last paycheck was $^lr011. Is this correct?confirm paycheck amount
lrN001Since September 1, 2021, which of these job changes apply to you? any job changes since September 2021
lrN002When did this change occur? If there were multiple changes, please refer to the most significant change you experienced.when job changes
lrN002b_monthshow long working for employer
lrN002b_yearsHow long have you been working for this employer?how long years working for employer
lrN003What were the main reasons to make this change? Select up to two reasons. Business closed
lrN004How long have you been doing this job?how long doing job
oc001Which of the following best describes your current situation? Please check all that apply Currently working for pay
oc002Do you have more than one job? Please count any part-time, evening, gig, or weekend work you may be doing. have more than one job
oc003Altogether, how many jobs do you have? number of jobs