Variable Question text Label
fin001Which of the following statements best describes how your household’s total spending compared to total income, over the last 12 months?total spending compared to income
fin002Which of the following statements best describes how your household has paid its bills over the last 12 months? how paid bills
fin003At your current level of spending, how long could you and your household afford to cover expenses, if you had to live only off the money you have readily available, without withdrawing money from retirement accounts or borrowing?how long can cover expenses
fin004Thinking about your household’s longer term financial goals such as saving for a vacation, starting a business, buying or paying off a home, saving up for education, putting away for retirement or making retirement funds last...

How confident are you that your household is currently doing what is needed to meet your longer-term goals?
how confident can meet longer term goals
fin005Now thinking about all of your household’s current debts, including mortgages, bank loans, student loans, money owed to people, medical debt, past-due bills and credit card balances that are carried over from prior months...

As of today, which of the following statements describes how manageable your household debt is?
how manageable household debt
fin006How would you rate your credit score? Your credit score is a number that tells lenders how risky or safe you are as a borrower. rate credit score
fin007aThinking about all of the types of personal and household insurance you and others in your household have, how confident are you that those insurance policies will provide enough support in case of an emergency?how confident insurance policies provide enough support
fin008To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement:

"My household plans ahead financially"
household plans ahead financially