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q025We know the 2020 election is a long way away, but given what you know now, which of the following comes closest to your view?2020 Republican primary
q026We know the 2020 election is a long way away, but here is a list of some candidates who are running, or could run, for the Democratic nomination in 2020. If your state's Democratic presidential primary were held today, would you vote for:2020 Dem Primary
q026_orderorder 2020 Dem Primary
q026_otherother 2020 Dem Primary
q027A possible statewide ballot initiative for 2020 would change Proposition 13, the state’s limit on property taxes. The proposal would allow commercial and industrial properties to be taxed at their current market value while keeping the existing property tax limits for homeowners unchanged. If this proposal makes it onto the 2020 ballot, from what you know now, would you ^FL_q027[1] or ^FL_q027[2] it?Split Roll Prop 13 2020 ballot
q027_orderq027 answer options order
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