Variable Question text Label
J3ASSISHow often did you receive assistance with giving answers to the questions about your retirement?ASSIST SECTION J3
J613Employers sometimes encourage older workers to leave a firm at a particular time by offering a special financial incentive, like a cash bonus or improved pension benefits. These are often called 'early retirement windows.'

Have you been offered such an early retirement window at any time since ^z092, ^z093?
offered early retirement window
J614How many of these special incentive offers have you received since ^z092, ^z093?NUMBER OF SPECIAL INCENTIVES
J616In what month and year was the ^FLJ616 special incentive offered?month special incentive offered
J617year special incentive offered
J619Which employer were you working for at the time?who working for
J621Was the special incentive a cash bonus, improved pension benefits or what?

Please select all that apply.
type of special incentive
J623How much did the cash bonus offer amount to?

amount cash bonus
J627How much did the extra pension benefit offer amount to?

If the amount is per hour, please enter both dollars and cents by including a decimal point.
amount extra pension benefit
J628_UnfThinking about the extra pension benefit offer:

Was it more, about, or less than...
Was it more, about, or less than...
J631Was that per week, month, year, or a lump sum?AMOUNT PER
J633Until what age was the temporary medical insurance offered?age temporary insurance was offered
J636How much did the temporary cash benefits offer amount to?amount temporary cash benefit
J637Was that per week, month, year, or a lump sum?AMOUNT PER
J639Until what age was the temporary cash benefit offered?age temporary cash benefits was offered
J642How many years of service credit were you offered?number of years offered
J643^FLJ643amount incentive offer
J644Did you accept the incentive and leave that employer?accepted incentive
J645Was the special incentive important in your decision, or would you probably have left at about that time anyway?special incentive important
J646If you had been offered twice as much to leave at that time, would you have done so?offered twice as much
L110^FL110 you ever worked for a year or more on a job that was not covered by Social Security and for which you did not have to pay Social Security taxes?EVER WORKED MORE THAN YEAR NOT COVERED BY SOCIAL SECURITY
L111About how many years did you work on jobs that were not covered by Social Security?NUMBER OF YEARS WORKED NOT COVERED BY SOCIAL SECURITY