Variable Question text Label
school_optThe next questions are about experiences related to K-12 education. This section should take roughly 14 minutes, depending on your experiences, and you will earn an extra $9 for completing it. If you prefer not to answer this section, check the box below or click "Next" to continue.I prefer not to answer this section
sl042aTo what extent was this change influenced by experiences during the COVID pandemic?change influenced by covid
sl056a^selectednames[selectedchild]'s psychological well-being?psychological well-being
sl056b^selectednames[selectedchild]'s activity levels?activity levels
sl056c^selectednames[selectedchild]'s physical health?physical health
sl056d^selectednames[selectedchild]'s having enough food to eat?having enough food to eat
sl056e^selectednames[selectedchild]'s relationships with peers?relationship with peers
sl056f^selectednames[selectedchild]'s relationships with teachers?relationship with teachers
sl056gThe amount ^selectednames[selectedchild] will learn this year compared to a typical school year?amount will learn
sl056hHow engaged ^selectednames[selectedchild] will be this year in school?how engaged