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B24Payday loans are small, short-term loans that must be paid in full when the borrowers receive their next pay check or other regular deposit (such as a Social Security payment). These loans are often paid with a post-dated check. Please select the following statement that best describes your situation regarding these products.your payday loan experience
B24aWhat is the approximate amount of the last payday loan you took?amount of last payday loan
B26Thinking back now to the last time you took out a payday loan, which of the following best describes what specifically you needed the money for? Please choose all that apply.Paying utility bills (phone, power, gas)
B27Some people pay back their payday loan by taking out a new loan. Have you ever done this? taken out loan to pay back loan
B28For your most recent payday loan, how long did it take until you no longer owed any money?how long to pay back loan
B29Please tell us about the borrowing experience from your most recent payday loan. Please choose all of the reasons that apply. The fees were about what I expected
B30Please list all of the reasons you decided not to get a payday loan. Please choose all the reasons that apply.I had/have no need for payday loans