Variable Question text Label
B31_a$500 pay for unexpected expense
B31_b$1000 pay for unexpected expense
B31_c$5000 pay for unexpected expense
B31_d$1000 pay for unexpected expense
B31a_a$500 pay for unexpected expense
B31a_b$1000 pay for unexpected expense
B31a_c$5000 pay for unexpected expense
B31a_d$1000 pay for unexpected expense
intro_1Who makes the major financial decisions in your household? financial decisions
intro_2Please tell us whether you own or rent your home (primary residence). own or rent home
intro_3About what year did you buy your home?year purchase home
intro_4Please choose all answers that apply to where you live home
intro_5How well do you feel that you understand the terms and conditions of your current mortgage loan?understanding of mortgage
intro_5aWill the interest on your mortgage reset within the next two years? That is, will the interest possibly change quite a bit within that period? (this may happen for instance if you have an Interest-Only Adjustable-rate Mortgage (ARM), an option ARM, or a balloon ARM; or if you have to refinance a ^FLHeloc or ^FLHamp).reset of mortgage
intro_5aaIs the current balance of your mortgage and/or home equity loan higher or lower than when the loan was first made?balance higher
intro_5abDo you have plans for when you will pay off the mortgage?pay-off mortgage
intro_5acWhen will that be? Please choose all that apply.when pay-off
intro_5ac_ageage when pay-off
intro_6Have you refinanced your mortgage in the last 3 years?refinanced mortgage past 3 yrs
intro_7You said that you have not refinanced your mortgage in the last 3 years. Please tell us the reasons why you have not refinanced. Please choose all that apply.
intro_8You said that you refinanced your house in the last 3 years. Please select all the people who you asked for financial advice about the refinancing. who you asked for refinancing advice
intro_8aYou said that you refinanced your house in the last 3 years. Did you do any of the following?specifics of the mortgage refinance
intro_9Have you ever heard of ^FLReversesLower?ever heard of reverse mortgages