Variable Question text Label
B9Do you currently have a checking or savings account?have checking or savings
B10How do you check your account balances and make bank deposits and withdrawals? Please choose all that apply.In person at a bank branch
B10aDo you sometimes use ATM machines that charge a fee?use ATMs charging fee
B11Some people choose not to bank online (at a computer, tablet or smart phone). Please tell us why you have made this choice. Please choose all that apply.My banking needs are being met without on-line (computer) banking
B12People sometimes use different ways to pay their bills. Which methods do you use to pay your bills? Please choose all that apply.I pay in person at the store or office that sent me the bill (such as going to the department store or phone company to pay)
B13Please think about the bills that you get regularly or every month (such as utility bills and your mortgage or rent).

How many of your regular bills do you pay with automatic bill payment; that is, having payments taken directly from your bank account by these companies every month without you having to schedule the payment? (please also count bills that are automatically charged to a credit card)
use autobill pay
B14Many people are not regular users of automatic bill payment. Please tell us why you choose not to use automatic bill payment on a regular basis. Please choose all of the reasons that apply. I have very few bills to pay
B14aDo you currently receive any type of regular benefits from the Federal or the State government, such as Social Security? If so, please tell us which benefits you receive. Please choose all that apply.I do not receive any government benefits
B14a2Do you currently receive pension benefits from one or more private companies?receive employer provided pensions
B14bHow do you get your benefit payments?By check