Variable Question text Label
ba001Are you a parent? There are many ways to define parenthood. Please use the definition that feels right to you including adoptive parents, foster parents, etc. among other types of parent relationships. ^FLParentparent or not
ba002aInfant - 4 years oldnumber parent infant - 4 years old
ba002b5 - 11 years oldnumber parent 5-11 years old
ba002c12 - 18 years oldnumber parent 12 - 18 years old
ba002d19 - 25 years oldnumber parent 19 - 25 years old
ba002e26 years or oldernumber parent 26 years or older
ba002fOthernumber parent other
ed001aPreschool or day carePreschool or day care
ed001bElementary schoolElementary school
ed001cMiddle school or junior highMiddle school or junior high
ed001dHigh schoolHigh school
ed001eCollege or trade school, including four-year colleges, community colleges, technical institutes, and vocational schoolsCollege or trade school
lean_affilGenerally speaking, do you lean more toward affiliating with Democrats or with Republicans? Leaned Party Affiliation
party_affilRegardless of if or how you are registered to vote, are you more closely aligned affiliation
totalk12total number of kids in elementary, middle, or high school