Variable Question text Label
tm_act_care^FLSub[cnt]care category activity
tm_act_countnumber of activities
tm_act_endYou started ^FL_name[cnt] at ^tm_act_dummy[cnt]. What time did this activity end?end time of activity
tm_act_is_work^FL_name[cnt] started at ^tm_act_dummy[cnt]

Was this activity directly or indirectly related to your current job duties or future work?
work related activity
tm_act_leisur^FLSub[cnt]leisure category activity
tm_act_main^FLMain[cnt]main category activity
How mentally demanding was this activity? Mentally demanding activities are those that require analyzing information, learning new material, or solving complex problems for long periods of time.

how mentally demanding activity
tm_act_personal^FLSub[cnt]personal category activity
tm_act_physically_demand^FL_name[cnt] started at ^tm_act_dummy[cnt]

How physically demanding was this activity? Physically demanding activities are those that require strength or physical effort for long periods of time.

how physically demanding activity
tm_act_shopping^FLSub[cnt]shopping category activity
tm_act_social^FLSub[cnt]social category activity
tm_act_startWhat time did this activity start?start time of activity
How stressful was this activity? Stressful activities are those, for example, that make you feel often rushed or pressed for time.

how stressful activity
tm_act_subsub category activity
tm_act_unpaid^FLSub[cnt]unpaid category activity
tm_act_where^FL_name[cnt] started at ^tm_act_dummy[cnt]

Where were you while you were performing this activity? Please check all that apply.
where with activity
tm_act_who^FL_name[cnt] started at ^tm_act_dummy[cnt]

Were you interacting with anyone, physically or otherwise (e.g., on the phone or internet)? Did anyone accompany you? Please check all that apply.
who with activity
tm_act_work_label^FLSub[cnt]label work activity