Variable Question text Label
X_maxX max
X_minX min
a001At what age do you think you are most likely to retire? when retire
a001_ageage when retire
a002In the next few questions, we would like you to think about what your future work experience and annual earnings on average might be ^FLRelevantAge[cnt].

Think about the period ^FLRelevantAge2[cnt]: on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 means no chance at all and 100 means absolutely certain, how certain are you that you will be working during that period?

You can click on the point on the scale below that best represents your answer or you can also type your answer in the textbox below the scale.
how certain reduce working
a002_periodsnumber of periods asked
b_randomizerrandomizer order of b questions
bc_randomizerorder of b and c questions
c_choiceWe would now like you to think about the chances of possible values your future average earnings could take ^FLRelevantAge[cnt]. Instead of asking you to fill out percent chances in a form and also ^FLVisual like before, we would like you to choose how you would rather answer the question. Please, click on the format you liked best and get started:what format preferred
c_randomizerrandomizer indicating visual format section c
expected_ageexpected retirement age