Variable Question text Label
B000_Please think about your life-as-a-whole. How satisfied are you with it? Are you completely satisfied, very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied?LIFE SATISFATION
B005S_otherIn what other country were you born?COUNTRY BORN - OTHER SPECIFY
B039_In what year did you move to your current home in ^FLMainResidence?YEAR MOVED TO MAIN RESIDENCE
B040_In what month was that?MONTH MOVED TO MAIN RESIDENCE
B041mWhat were your reasons for moving to your current home in ^X025_MainCty, ^X026_MainSt? Please choose up to two reasons.To be near or with children
B047MIn what state did you live most of the time when you were ^FLB047?ST/COUNTRY R LIVED DURING SCHOOL-MASKED
B055_Sometimes marital situations are not entirely clear from what we've asked so far. Please bear with us for a few more questions on this. Were you married at any time since ^z092, ^z093?married at any time since previous wave
B056_^FL_B056 In what month and year were you married?month married
B057_year married
B058_DDid you divorce or become widowed since ^z092, ^z093?divorced or widowed at any time since previous wave
B059_In what month and year did you ^FL_B059?month married
B060_year divorced or widowed
B061_Just to clarify, are you currently separated, divorced, widowed, or have you never been married?MARITAL STATUS IF UNMARRIED
B076_How often did you receive assistance with answers to these questions?ASSIST SECTION B-DEMOGRAPHICS
B082_About how often have you attended religious services during the past year?HOW OFTEN ATTEND RELIGIOUS SERV
B132_Are you generally a person who tries to avoid taking risks or one who is fully prepared to take risks?

Please rate yourself from 0 to 10, where 0 means "not at all willing to take risks" and 10 means "very willing to take risks."
B135_^FL_B135sexual identity
UAS089Are you of Middle Eastern or North African descent?middle eastern or north african ascend