Variable Question text Label
s001What is your religious affiliation? religious affiliation
s001_otherWhat is your religious affiliation? other religious affiliation
s002How often do you attend religious services besides weddings and funerals?how often attend religious services
s003How important is religion in your life?how important religion
s004aWhich comes closest to your view? Is your Holy Book (Bible, Koran, Torah) the word of God or a book written by people and not the word of God?holy book by god or people
s004bShould it be taken literally, word for word, or is not everything in your Holy Book to be taken literally, word for word?holy book literal
s005Who did you favor in the 2012 presidential election?who favored in 2012 election
s006On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most conservative and 10 being the most liberal, how would you describe your political views?

political views
s007What type of school did you attend for most of the school year in ^FLGrade?TYPE OF SCHOOL PER GRADE
s007_sameasprevious^FLQuestionsame as previous grade
s007_samelocation^FLQuestionLocationsame location until what grade
s007aWas your school in ^FLGrade a religious school?RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
s007bWhat was the religious affiliation of your school in ^FLGrade?RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION
s007cIn what state did you live when you were in ^FLGrade?STATE LIVE IN
s007c_otherIn what country did you live in ^FLGrade?OTHER COUNTRY
s007dIn what city did you live when you were in ^FLGrade?
s008When you were 13 years old, please list all adults who lived in your household:who lived with R
s009When you were 13, how would you describe your family’s religious affiliation?religious affiliation at 13
s010When you were 13, how would you describe the financial situation of your family?financial situation at 13
s011What is the highest level of education your mother attended?highest education mother
s012What is the highest level of education your father attended?highest education father
t001In general, do you think things in the United States are headed in the right direction or are things off track?US on right track
t002How would you describe the current state of the economy?state of economy
t003_orderorder of t003 questions
t003aJewsJews favorable
t003bMuslimsmuslims favorable
t003cChristianschristians favorable
t003dHindushindus favorable
t003eBuddhistsbuddhists favorable
t003fMormonsmormons favorable
t003gCatholicscatholics favorable
t003hAtheists, that is, people who don’t believe in Godatheists favorable
t004How often would you say you interact with Jewish people?how often interact with jewish people